She's how old??

What is it about some stars that make them stay forever young? Is it the Botox? The state of the art $6000-a-tub creams? Or just plain good ol’ genes?

But on the other side of the coin we have those who have clearly overdone it with the make up and had a surgeon who didn’t know when to put down the scalpel, adding years to their face.

We’ve put together a collection of such celebrity ladies which make us go she’s how old??

1. Mena Suvari

36 year old Mean Suvari could still pass for a decade younger than she is.


2. Amy Childs

The super dippy yet sweet TOWIE star Amy Childs is only 25 but all that fake tan & fake eye lashes add a good 5 years on to the reality tv star.


3. Lady Gaga

She’s only 29 but Lady Gaga has cemented her position as a musical legend. Her outlandish outfits and strangely coloured hair disguise the fact that she’s really a young lady who has only reached the quaterlife stage of lige.


4. Konnie Huq

Yep, you’ve read that right, petite Konnie Huq is 40! If she wanted to she could easily pass for 18....some girls have all the luck!


5. Demi Moore

Demi Moore is said to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a face and body overhaul to maintain her youthful looks and it was money well spent! At 52 she still looks like she is in her mid thirties!


6. Rachel Bilson

The beautiful Rachel Bilson has reached the ripe old age of 33 but could easily still play high school roles.


7. Heidi Montag

But here’s a girl who hasn’t been quite so lucky at defeating the years. Fresh faced Heidi Montag went to Hollywood, became a reality star, met a loser husband, lost her marbles and went plastic surgery crazy. This once all American girl-next-door now looks like a plastic Beverly Hills housewife. At only 28 Montag has added decades to her once pretty face.


8. Liv Tyler

At 38, the lovely Liv Tyler is only a couple of years away from the big 4-0 but we would never have guessed it.


9. Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz is nothing other than a freak of nature, at 45 she looks bloody incredible!


10. The Olsen twins

The big eyed fashionistas who have a penchant for drowning themselves in swathes of too-big clothing still continue to look like teenagers no matter how boho chic sophisticated they go. The Olsen twins may look 16 but are actually 29!