10 reasons why men cheat


Well do you wanna know the reasons why mean cheat? Well do ya? Cos, we’ll tell you right now that we’ll be telling you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and you may not like it.

Ok, so now with that out of the way, lets get started.

Reason 1

In His Mind, You’re Not in a Relationship.

Sure, you’re sleeping together but he balks at the idea of labelling the relationship and you don’t want to drive him away or appear clingy so you shrug and agree to see 'where things go...'

Sorry but truth is, he wants his freedom. He wants to look around and he thinks there may be greener pastures out there.

If you’ve been dating for a while and he is determinedly keeping it casual, you’re probably not the One.

Reason 2

He’s Hot.

Most men can only dream of girls constantly throwing themselves at them so when some guys are blessed by nature (or have spent hours at the gym) they aren’t going to throw away all this female-lovin’ for just one girl unless she’s a multi-millionaire award-winning actress and even then it may be unlikely.

Think Brad Pitt.

Reason 3

They Privately think it is Okay.

We all know cheating is bad but some men actually privately think it really isn’t that bad.

I mean as long as she doesn’t find out what real difference does it make?

One of their most used justifications is that it just isn’t in human nature to be a monogamist.

Reason 4

They like the idea of going to Bed with Someone New.

It feels different, exciting and even scandalous. The thrill of going to bed with someone other than your long-term girlfriend is something that some cheaters love.

Reason 5

He’s Scared of Commitment.

Everyone is scared of commitment; promising their entire life away to another person.

So to combat falling in love and making a commitment some men prefer to cheat in order to prolong that feeling of being young, free and single.

Reason 6

He’s Too Young.

Nowadays most guys think about settling down in their 30s and any time before that the timing just ain’t right.

Partying, drinking, chasing and bedding lots of girls is fun!

They just need the world to beat and wear them down a little before they can appreciate the comfort of one good woman at home.

Reason 7

The Relationship is in Trouble.

If they’re fighting with the girlfriend all the time, then that easy-going girl at the office becomes a lot more attractive.

Dissatisfaction at home, coupled with opportunity can lead to cheating.

Reason 8

As a way to get Dumped.

Some men find it incredibly hard to call time on a long-term relationship and they will cheat blatantly as a way to release themselves from the relationship.

Reason 9

He falls in Love with Someone else.

It happens.

He finds someone who is his soulmate, the girl who is right for him in all respects and so he moves on.

Reason 10

For Revenge.

If she cheated on him first then ...

However devastating the above reasons might be, they are all real reasons why men cheat, but on a more positive note, remember that well over 50% of men in relationships manage to remain faithful!