Things you shouldn't talk about on your first date


The Number

That awkward question of how many people you’ve slept with: don’t ask them. You won’t get the truth, and if you did get it you probably wouldn’t like it (whether its zilch or 500). It’s a scientific fact (well it should be); most people lie about their number, and on a first date most people turns into ALL PEOPLE. 

Names of your prospective children

Please for the love of God do not start talking marriage or babies. It happens, and its wrong. This is a great trick to pull if you want to get out of the date as soon as possible (we’ve all seen ‘How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days‘), but if you want to see this guy again (ever), then keep this subject out of the first date. And the second, and third.

Politics and Religion

Always dangerous territory on a first date. Don’t ask them who they vote for, because in the more than likely event that your political views swing different ways, your date will turn into one big political debate/argument, which is not fun.

You may think, what’s wrong with a bit of intellectual political debate to get to know your date? EVERYTHING! Instead of being relaxed, and fun - like a first date should be - you‘ll end up bickering over politics. Same goes for religion; if your date turns out to have opposite beliefs or views on religion, the date could turn sour, which doesn’t bode well for a second date.

Your Problems while getting Soundly Sloshed

A very interesting dinner I had to endure, involved my date revealing his problems with alcohol, over about eight pints (I was drinking Diet Coke). I am amazed that I stayed past at pint three. Nevertheless I didn’t see him again, and this is an absolute DON’T for dating. Don’t get sloshed, stoned, or whatever else, and for that matter don’t feel the need to tell him all your problems from childhood onwards. He is not your counselor. You will not get a second date. You won’t even remain friends. They will forever avoid you like the plague. Fact.

Your Ex

Don’t mention your ex at all; it shows that you are still thinking of them, and aren’t ready to be back on the dating scene. How would you feel if you went on a date, and they told you all about their ex? A little threatened maybe? Like you’re going to be compared to them? It’s not a good first impression, and will more than likely put them off you. But the absolute worst thing you can do is talk about how much you hate your ex. The first thing they are going to think is ‘wow, this is how you’re going to talk about me’. Bitterness is not an attractive trait, so leave the ex out of it!

How much you Hate your Job

This will make you come across as the most miserable and unsatisfied person alive. On your first date they don’t want to hear you droning on about how much you hate your job/boss/colleagues. You save that for when you are in a secure relationship, when they love you enough to be subjected to it!!

Yourself. Constantly

There is nothing more mind numbing than listening to hours and hours of someone talking about themselves. Of course this person is on a date with you, they want to get to know you, but they don’t want to know what your childhood pet was called and what you ate for dinner last night.

Not only will you bore them to death but you will come across as self-absorbed. So if you like your date, give them a chance to impress you, and tell you about themselves; that’s what you’re on the date for!