8 signs you're dating a dickhead


1). He doesn’t offer to pay

If you’re on a date with a guy you should obviously offer to pay, London is an expensive city and unless you’re dating a Rockefeller we’re guessing the date is going to cost him a few hours at his job so it’s only polite that you offer to halve the cost.

He of course should violently refuse and insist that this is his treat and you can pay the next time.

If instead he is very enthusiastic for you to foot the bill or even worse, if he actually prompts you to pay then forget it. Would Prince Charming or even Prince Pretty Decent do this? Nope.


2). He does offer to pay but expects sex in return

If you’ve gone to Pizza Express and your date has paid for the £20 meal and looks at you expecting carnal pleasure then feel free to refuse.

No matter how much the bill comes to, by no means should a man ever ever expect sex in return.

You are not a prostitute.


3). He acts really really shocked when you won’t sleep with him on the first night

Men know very well that most women wouldn’t have sex with a man on the first date. After all they don’t really know the guy so why all of a sudden would she offer him her most personal gift; her vagina.

Guys just act really shocked in order to make the woman feel like a prude and they hope they can second guess her into shedding her clothes immediately.

These guys are definitely not in it for the long haul or even for the short haul, they want the instant haul before they’re out that door so fast that you won’t even catch their last name.


4). He doesn’t call / text properly

Every girl has been through this. You really like this guy. When you’re together he is charming and funny and makes you feel special.

But after the first / second date he’s disappears. Or he does text but once in a blue moon and you’re always left on tenter hooks looking at your phone half a dozen times a minute.

We hate to break it to you but Mr Wonderful has decided he is really not that interested.

In this scenario you should gather up you’re pride and move on.

Although tempting, please don’t believe the lie he 'got caught up at work'... trust us, if he really liked you nothing would stop him from getting in touch.

Don’t wait around for him to fall in love with you. It won’t happen. You’ll waste your time and will feel like shit the more time goes on. Just get on with your life and shrug it off as one of those things.

People take rejection far too personally. Just because someone has decided they don’t want to be with doesn't mean it's the end of the world; you do not have to appeal to everyone like some manufactured pop starlet.


5). He has just come out of a serious long term relationship

If a guy has come out of a serious long term relationship chances are he wants to 'get out there and explore.'

And by explore he means go out and get with as many women as possible.

And if you end up being the first / second woman he meets after the last relationship you are definitely not going to end up being his girlfriend.

Unfortunately we doubt he’ll see you as anything more than the girl he’s going to use to get his ex girlfriend out of his system.

Out of order we know but women do it too. This whole idea of a rebound relationship seems to have taken off with a complete disregard for the person who is being used as the rebound.

These guys will soon settle down and end up with another girlfriend – generally after finding out they lack the appeal of a pro footballer and really can’t bed as many women as they had hoped – so don’t become a notch on their bedpost for no reason.


6). He’s a 'bad boy' and you want to change him

'Bad boys' are dumb.

The thing that draws women to these so-called bad boys is their confidence and charisma.

Women want to change these men; they want these men to fall in love with them.

Ain’t gonna happen sister.

These men will always only love one person; themselves. Sure they’ll settle down at some point with some girl but that is only when they are ready, when they decide they are going to fall in love and even then it will be all on their terms.

Trying to get another person to fall in love with you is a complete and utter waste of time. You can never influence another person to that extent.


7). He has no job

Yes, he should be contributing to the economy.

Once you hit the late twenties the guys you date should all have jobs. It’s time to grow up. He can still dream of being a rock star, he can even be part of a band but he should also be holding down a job at the same time.

If he hasn’t managed to sort himself out a job in the time he’s been alive then he’s just going to end up being a burden once the romance wears off.


8). He show signs of anger management issues

We hope all you ladies reading this article will know that the first sign of physical violence or high strung temper tantrum means you should be legging it out that door asap.


It is extremely difficult to get out of an abusive relationship once you get sucked into one, even the 'strongest' of women can find themselves trapped so do yourself a massive favour and do not get involved.