100 things to declutter right now || Minimalism for beginners


1). Extra mugs 

Often we hold onto these, thinking we might use them if people come over but how many extras do we really need?

2). Promotional merchandise such as notebooks, cloth bags, pens etc.

When you go to an event don’t take or accept items that you know you won’t use, just because it’s a freebie.

3). Clothes you don’t wear - be they the wrong size or not your style any more

Often, people hold onto items because they don’t want to think about the money they have wasted but remember, everyone makes mistakes and donating the clothes you don’t wear means that someone else will get to enjoy them and it’s therefore not a complete waste - let that be some consolation.

4). Uncomfortable shoes

If you find yourself avoiding wearing a pair of shoes then they just aren’t right

5). Nik Naks

Too many nik naks can make a home look cluttered and when you don’t have a feeling of space around you, it can unconsciously cause you stress.

6). Documentation that can be uploaded to the cloud

Things like utility bills, payslips, bank statements, tax returns etc. can all be stored and organised in the cloud.

7). Stuffed toys 

If a toy has sentimental value, by all means keep hold of it but you don’t need a roomful of stuffed toys.

8). Out of date condiments, spices and food items in the fridge

Unused food items can often fill us with a sense of shame because of the food waste and so we avoid throwing them away as it’s hard evidence of our wastefulness, but just bite the bullet and see it as a learning curve. Maybe you didn’t want that tinned fish after all and make it a point not to buy it again.

9). Stationery you don’t use - hole punchers, paper clips, post in notes etc.

In the digital age we don’t use stationery half as much as we used to and if you’ve not used a hole puncher or a paper clip in a year, then maybe you don’t need them.



10). Calculators

You have one on your phone.

11).  Alarm clocks

Again, you have one on your phone.

12). Old knickers 

Torn knickers or ones that have lost the stretch in their elastic need to go.

13). Socks with holes in them

14). Socks who’ve lost the other pair


15). Bras with wire poking out of them

16).Too many extra towels 

A couple of extras is fine but you’re not running a hotel.

17). Miniature toiletries 

Use these up and replace them with full size items. There’s no point in holding onto tonnes of miniature toiletries for the two times a year you go on holiday. 

18). Samples of perfume and makeup

Keep these in your line of vision if you want to use them up. It’s too easy to put them in a drawer and forget about them. 


19). Magazines

 Photograph any article or image that you may want and upload it to the cloud for future reference.

20). Books you won’t read

Just keep the books you love.

21). Pens that don’t work

If you have a collection of pens, find out which ones have dried out and throw them away and work through the ones that do work, one by one.

22). Out of date medicine

Yep, medicine does expire so get rid of that packet of Renee you bought in 2010.

23). Expired coupons and old receipts

24). Cookbooks

Recipe for any dish you may want to cook can all be found online

25). Unwanted gifts 

Don’t feel bad to get rid of items you don’t want just because they were gifted. After a suitable period of time has elapsed and when the gift giver won’t notice, get rid.

26). Storage solutions you bought on a whim but that isn’t right for your space

27). Old remotes


28). Cables you don’t use or don’t know the use for

29). Manuals

Most instructions for items you have can be found online.

30). Electrical goods that no longer work - old hairdryers, kettles, gardening tools etc.

31). Old purses you don’t use

32). Board games, puzzles you don’t play with and those that have missing pieces

33). Old and part-used cleaning supplies

34). Fancy dress costumes

You only bought these for one occasion and are unlikely to ever them wear again.

35). Funky makeup that you bought on impulse but don’t wear

36). Expired makeup

37). Nail polish colours you don’t like and therefore don’t wear

38). Hair accessories you don’t use

39). Costume jewellery you don’t wear

40). Bed sheets and covers you don’t love

Keep two per bed and switch between them.

41). Old cans of paint

42). Leftover gift wrap scraps

Let’s face it, are you really going to re-wrap presents in old crinkly gift wrap scraps from last year? To really be environmentally friendly just use brown paper - there’s plenty of it that comes through the doors via Amazon packages and crinkly brown paper is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than crinkly Santa paper.

43). Leftover holiday stuff that you won’t use again

Extra Xmas crackers that weren’t pulled at the dinner table spring to mind.

44). Broken Xmas decorations

45). Vases

Most people don’t need multiple vases. Just keep one or two and cut flowers aren’t great for the environment anyway.

46). Furniture that doesn’t fit in your space

Don’t spend years trying to make a piece of furniture work for your space. Sell it to someone who actually has a home for it.

47). Old mobile phone cases

48). Old notebooks

You may have sentimental attachment to old notebooks but if you’re a prolific note taker there are only so many notebooks you can keep hold of. Once you get into the habit of throwing them away the sentimentality will disappear.

49). Old glasses

If your prescription has changed or you’ve updated your old glasses you can donate the old pair to charity. Someone will be grateful for them.

50). Old sunglasses


51). Store reward cards you never use

If you don’t use the shop in question very much then is it really worth keeping hold of the card because you can get a point once a year?

52). Belts 

Another one of those things you only need one or two of at the very most.

53). Old pillows

If you’re replacing your bed pillows there’s no need to keep hold of the old ones on the off chance they may come in handy.

54). Damaged, stained and old placemats

55). Excessive Chinese takeaway boxes

Keep a couple for tupperware and storage but recycle the rest.

56). Takeaway menus

57). Excessive pots and pans 

How many do you really need?

58). Excessive glassware

The same goes - how many do you really need?


59). Excessive cutlery

Based on the size of your household and how often you entertain, be realistic about the number of plates and silverware you keep.


60). Apps on your phone you never use


61). That extra button that comes with coats and shirts, you don’t even have any more


62). Random nails that have somehow accumulated in your junk draw

63). Used up candle jars

Either clean up the jar and reuse or dispose of it. 

64). Keyrings you’ve kept hold of

65). Keys that you have no idea what they open

66). Excessive picture frames

67). Too many cleaning rags

68). Things you’ve borrowed from a friend

69). Old phone chargers

70). Product guarantees that have expired 


71). Excessive hangers

72). Hobby items that make you feel guilty

If you’ve kept hold of a French language learning textbook because you wanted to learn French a decade ago but still haven’t got round to it, then maybe it’s time to make peace with the fact that you aren’t going to learn French. 

73). TV series links that you simply won’t have the time for

Are you actually going to have the time to rewatch the entire 8 seasons of Game of Thrones that you’ve got saved on your Sky box? 

74). Old computers 

Wipe your personal information from them and sell on.

75). Subscriptions or memberships you don’t use 

Amazon Prime is a great example. Waiting a few days for your delivery won’t kill you.

76). Old ink cartridges

77). Bits of tiles or flooring spares

If they no longer match what you currently have in your kitchen or bathroom then it’s time to throw them away.

78). Boxes you’ve kept, just in case they’ll come in handy

Top tip - they never come in handy.


79). Dead plants


80). Hair products you don’t use


81). Perfumes you hate the smell of


82). Rings that don’t fit


83). Shampoo and conditioner bottles with a tiny bit left in the bottom 

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t use every single drop of an item. If you’re really not enjoying using a product then get rid of it and make the decision not to buy it again. 


84). Items on the front of your fridge

People can keep children’s pictures, travel memorabilia and even the bin schedule on the front of the fridge but too much of a good thing can make the fridge door look cluttered and untidy. 

Make a judicial edit.  


85). Things on your to-do list that can be automated

 For example, automate recurring bills.

86).Photos on your phone

Organise what you want to keep and upload them to the cloud.


87). Sports and fitness equipment you don’t use

If you’re using your treadmill as a clothes horse then maybe find an alternative form of exercise and get rid of your treadmill.


88). Throws and blankets you don’t use

For someone who really feels the cold it’s tempting to stockpile warm throws and blankets but you only really need one or two at best.


89). Knives that have lost their sharpness and can’t be sharpened 


90). Sun creams that are past their expiry date


91). Programmes from events that you’ve kept as a keepsake but you never look at

92). Currency from other countries that you’ll never go back to

Next time you’re at the airport put them in donation buckets - they accept all currencies. 


93). Outdated travel guides


94). Old toothbrushes


95). Business cards received from other people

If you think you may need to get in touch with that person in the future, photograph the details and upload to the cloud.

As you can tell, uploading to the cloud is one of my favourite tips.


96). Old work uniforms and badges


97). Old batteries

Don’t throw them in the bin, take them to a supermarket. It’s a legal requirement for places that sell more than 32kg of batteries to have a place where you can dispose of them.

98). Broken or flimsy umbrellas


99). Excessive cushions

Some people like decorative pillows but it can be easy to go overboard.


100). Presents you bought for people but never ended up giving for one reason or another 

Either gift the items but if you can’t or don’t want to then just sell or donate.