Top 10 deal breakers for men


1). Lying

Trust me you don’t want to do this. If a guy is looking for a serious girlfriend and two months down the line he discovers she’s been married before it is not going to go down well.

2). Insecurity

Insecurity is one of the biggest turn-offs for us guys. If you are constantly asking us whether you look fat and are trying to use us as your emotional crutch it's no fun.

Sure, everyone goes through a few moments of doubt and that’s ok, but if a partner suffers from a myriad of self esteem issues then it is utterly exhausting.

3). Criticizing us in front of others

This makes us feel we are being belittled by someone who should be by our side, supporting us.

If you take issue with something your man has done then address it privately. 

4). Cheating

This point is self explanatory. 

5). Neediness

Self-sufficiency is in.

Most men want an independent woman who has her own life.

6). Gold diggers

Just like women who don’t want to be chased only on the basis of their looks, we don’t want to be liked just because we’ll foot the bill. 

7). Attempting to change us

We are not a project.

Sure, you can nag us to wash the dishes but don't try to change our core values, likes and dislikes.

8). Talking too much

We do like to listen but just not all the time.

Let us get a word in edgewise; we can be rather intelligent too.

9). Flightyness

If we make plans don’t cancel at the last minute.

10). Bitterness

You may have been hurt before but no man represents the entirety of the male species so if you’ve had a bad experience with an ex don't take it out on us.

Of course, you will have our support but don’t punish us for something we didn’t do.