10 things you don’t need in your wardrobe

1. Clothes that are the wrong size

You may come down a few sizes in the future or you may go up a few sizes too. In the meantime, having clothes that no longer fit or look flattering on you does not belong in your wardrobe. Having clothes that are too small do not necessarily incentivise you to lose weight. If anything, it is likely to make you depressed about not being able to fit your clothes. 

2. Anything damaged

If it’s got a hole in it or a stain on it, it has got to go.

3. Anything you’ve not worn in two years

Two years is a good length of time to determine whether or not you will wear something. If it’s not been worn in that time, consider selling it on or donating it.

4. Clothes that are no longer your style

Just because you loved something once upon a time, does not mean you are married to it for the rest of your life. It is okay to cull your clothes and get rid of items that are no longer your style. 

5. Unwanted gifts

We’ve all experienced that relative who insists on buying you clothes that you do not like. You do not have to wear the clothes and you also do not need to keep hold of any unwanted gifts that you have received. You can re-gift the gift if you know someone else will actually like the item or you can sell or donate.  

6. Mistake buys

Everyone buys a mistake (or two) in their lifetime. If you have bought a piece of clothing that you’ve never worn and you always wonder what possessed you to buy that item then you should let it go. There’s no need to hold on to a mistake purchase.

7. Specific event only dress 

You should be able to wear all the pieces in your wardrobe more than just once. If you have a dress that you can only wear to a very specific event, such as a wedding, you're not really going to get much wear out of it. Instead, get yourself a formal outfit that you will be able to wear to all formal events. This way, you know you are getting to maximise on your wardrobe. 

8. Old Loungewear

If you have any old, torn or stained loungewear that you avoid wearing then get rid of those pieces. 

9. Things that don’t suit you

You should feel confident in your clothes. 

10. Anything that is uncomfortable

Nothing is worth being uncomfortable for.