How to pick your signature scent


Perfume says a lot about the wearer so it is important you choose the right scent for you. We tend to associate certain characteristics with certain smells, so depending on the perfume you choose to wear you hint at your personality, whether you are playful, elegant or sensual. When choosing a perfume you should put some thought into it, not only because they are expensive but because the scent will become associated with you.

Here’s a quick guide on how to go about choosing your signature scent;

1). Remember that perfume smells different on different people. The scent reacts differently with different skin types resulting in a unique scent on every person so just because you liked the smell on a friend do not be tempted to blindly buy that same bottle; spray it on yourself first and see if you like the results on you.

2). Perfume belongs within families such as fruity, floral, woody, spicy and fresh. Most of us tend to naturally prefer the smell of one or two of these groups so find out which ones you like and stick within the same family when choosing your scent. Staying within what you like increases the chances of you not becoming bored by a scent after a few months.

3). The differing scents of perfumes can only be noticed when smelling two/three at a time and after that the nose gets smell fatigue and all the perfumes will begin to smell the same. When this happens a rest must be taken which is as simple as going outside of the store to breathe in some fresh air for a couple of minutes.

4). Remember that Eau de Toilette is less concentrated than Eau de Parfum which means that is doesn’t last as long but is however slightly less expensive. Consider your budget when purchasing.

5). Spray the scent onto your wrist and do not rub as rubbing spoils the composition and you will not be able to smell the true scent.

6). After you make your purchase store your perfume appropriately, that means keep it away from hot temperatures and direct sunlight. Eau de Toilettes can be stored in the refrigerator to increase their life span. Perfumes normally last for three years.

When using perfume spray it after you have showered and moisturized your entire body and before you have put on clothing for the best, most long lasting results. Spray your pulse points, that is, temples, the base of the throat, between the breasts, the wrists, behind the ears and the bend of the elbow as these areas produce heat and release the scent of the perfume.

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