How to get rid of your cellulite

Be Mentally Prepared

Getting rid of cellulite is one of the hardest things to achieve in terms of losing weight and getting a more sleek and streamlined look. Even women with no weight problems can suffer from orange peel skin and until recently doctors have stated that there was no way to be rid of it.

But in recent years there have been innovations and methods that have been used to significantly reduce cellulite however the commitment and changes needed in order to be rid of the problem are not insignificant. Before embarking on trying to eliminate cellulite it is important to ask yourself whether you are really willing to undertake the task.

Complete Overhaul of eating and lifestyle habits

Assuming that you are willing to make the changes you must take a complete inventory of your eating and lifestyle habits.

The junk must go - no more McDonalds and KFC - and the nutritional foods must come. We all know what healthy eating is as we are constantly bombarded with the information so use your common sense when stocking up you fridge. Fruit and veg, eggs, soy, peanuts, lean protein rich food for e.g. turkey and oily fish must become the order of the day and you must ensure to drink at least 4 to 5 glasses of water a day.

Toning Exercises

Toned women very rarely have cellulite so it is important to be not just slim but toned.

Toning can be relatively easy and fun to achieve provided you pick the right exercise for yourself. Very often women will pick unsuitable methods when trying to tone up and as a result they get bored and discontinue with it. Pick from swimming, Pilates or Yoga as these are the most effective methods of toning your entire body. If none of those sound appealing then opt for walking and it doesn’t even have to be power walking. An hour of walking out in the fresh air every day will bring you results in 2 to 3 weeks.

After you become used to working out introduce some free weights into your exercise program to build muscle. This will speed up the toning process and do not worry about ending up with the physique of a female body builder – those women train for hours on end, use much heavier weights and have completely different eating habits, so ending up looking like one of them is highly unlikely.

Don’t be taken in by Quick Fixes, i.e. Surgery and Massages

As we said at the beginning of this article, getting rid of cellulite is no easy task and there are simply no quick fixes. Even methods such as liposuction will not be able to rid you of it even though the advertisements may claim otherwise, in fact, in some case it only aggravates the problem.

Massages may help but it is a very temporary solution as what normally happens is that after the massage the skin is inflamed and so disguises for a few hours the cellulite beneath it which has gone nowhere.

Use anti-cellulite cream

Again this is only temporary and the creams get rid of the appearance of cellulite but not the cellulite itself but it is still a hell of a lot cheaper than surgery and spa massages so we have no problem recommending them.

Although there is no solid scientific proof that these creams work there is plenty of anecdotal evidence and our top two creams are Crystal Clear Body Firm Complex, £32 and Avon Anew Clinical TriLaser Cellulite Corrector, £17 both of which should give results in 3 to 4 weeks.

How long will it take?

We cannot promise that cellulite will be eliminated completely especially if the problem is severe however if a healthy regimen is rigorously adhered to then there should be a significant difference in 3 months time as is the case with all other types of weight loss attempts.


Contributor Blurb: Mary is a junior buyer for a major high street retailer, she has a passion for fashion and her ultimate style icon is Kate Moss.