Beauty myths dispelled - botox won't paralyse your face!


The Myth: Frequent haircuts help hair grow longer faster.

The Fact: Haircuts get rid of split ends and are good for the hair’s general health however it doesn’t affect its growth rate.


The Myth: Skin pores open and close.

The Fact: Skin pores remain the same size and do not open and close. When dirt and dead skin cells build up in the pores it makes them appear larger giving the illusion that they have opened up. Washing your face daily and regular exfoliation will keep the pores clear and make them appear smaller.


The Myth: Botox can completely paralyse your face.

The Fact: The amount of Botox used to minimize wrinkles is administered in such small dosages that complete and permanent facial paralysis is not possible. Botox causes temporary muscle paralysis which causes temporary muscle paralysis which minimizes muscle contractions responsible for wrinkles. The effects of Botox will only last for six months.


The Myth: You should use anti-ageing products as soon as possible.

The Fact: Using anti-ageing products too soon will not preserve your youth. If you are in your twenties it is better to protect the skin from environmental factors which are responsible for ageing by applying antioxidant-rich moisturiser with a high SPF daily. Anti ageing products should be used once you hit your mid thirties.


The Myth: You can reduce weight in a specific area.

The Fact: This is wrong. You cannot target specific areas of your body to lose weight. You can however tone the muscles but unless you are slim already your hard work will not show up because the muscles will be covered by a layer of fat.

It is better to reduce your overall weight through cardio four times a week and once you have achieved a good weight you can target the muscles which you would like to tone.


The Myth: You can get rid of spots by washing it with anti spot scrubs/ facial washes.

The Fact: Unfortunately once the spot has formed it is too late to do anything other than wait it out for it to naturally disappear.

Washing too vigorously can do more harm than good as it could increase oil production making the spot worse.

To minimize spots wash face daily with your anti spot scrub and then apply an anti spot moisturizer. Wear as little make up as possible, with an emphasis on wearing a lighter base; it may give less spot coverage but will be worth it in the long run as skin will be a lot less spot prone.


The Myth: You can skip the sunscreen on cloudy days.

The Fact: Nope. UV rays penetrate clouds so you will need sunscreen every single day of the year.


The Myth: Natural ingredients do not cause allergies.

The Fact: Just because something is natural it does not mean it cannot cause allergies. You should be careful when using a new product regardless of weather the ingredients in it are natural or not.