Sahara Grill Hounslow - a revelation!

We at LondonCityGirl were delighted to be invited to the new branch of Sahara Grill which has just opened up in Hounslow. It turned out to be one of the best meals we've ever had and plans are afoot to take the whole family down as soon as we can.

The food

The menu is intriguing with dishes inspired from all over the world - you have classics such as steak, but then you also find noddle dishes with Chinese vegetables, burgers and pan fried tilapia all taking their individual pride of place.

We spoke to one of the owners and learning the history behind the way the menu was devised gives it context.

Sahra Grill was the brainchild of a group of four University friends who were all unemployed at the time. They all came from different Asain background and they loved food from around the globe.

Given the limited funds they had, they pooled their money together every week and developed dishes from different cuisines and gave them a slight Asain twist. The fusion then elevated the dishes to a whole new level and we can certainly attest to that.

For starters we ordered the Sahara chicken wings and Sahara scampi and we were blown away. The thing that really made both dishes stand out was the sauces that they were coated in - both are secret Sahara recipes and we have to say we've never tasted anything as good in all the places we've reviewed. 

For mains we opted for their steaks upon the recommendation of their owners and we were not disappointed. The portion sizes are more than generous and I've never had a bigger steak. Served with Picante gravy on the side and chips that are crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. 

The dessert and drinks menu has been developed by the head chef of Hard Rock cafe and he's done an amazing job. To end the meal we chose a toffee pudding with custard to share -  we were stuffed but still couldn't resist. The portion size was plentiful as was no surprise and warm pudding with sweet custard is a combination that never gets old. We ordered two smoothies along with our meal - the mango and coconut one - and both were creamy, sweet and delicious.

The quality of the ingredients is something that Sahara Grill takes great pride in - their meat is sourced and butchered under strict quality control and the restaurant keeps a firm grip on everything. 

The atmosphere and ambience

You can't miss the restaurant from the high street as it's seriously glamorous with its large glass windows and plush interior.

The restaurant has been beautifully appointed with clear attention to detail, from every curved wall to the unusual wood features. 

It's clearly a hit as even on a weeknight when we visited the restaurant was buzzing with happy diners - some had even travelled from as far away as Edinburgh to pop in as they'd heard about Sahara Grill.

The price

A three-course meal with drinks will set you back around £70 to £80 which is more than fair given the quality of the food and the large portion sizes.

It's definitely up there as one of the best meals LondonCityGirl has ever had the pleasure of experiencing and we highly recommend you book yourselves in to experience it yourself.

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